The Super Smash Brothers series is plain amazing. Where else are you gonna pick your favorite Nintendo character and beat the crap out of another one? There is so far 4 games. SSB64, SSBM, SSBB, and SSB3DS,WiiU. One we will be taking a look at is SSBB aka Super Smash Brothers Brawl. There was a ton of good things. But there were bad things about it. Upon starting the game you notice the strange layout of the main menu.

Next you will notice that there are now strange characters in the character selection screen. Some of which I never even heard of, such as Olimar, Wario, and Lucas (Earthbound). All of them are terrible characters. One of the bad things is that Dr. Mario (character), Young Link, Mewtwo, Roy (character), and Pichu, all got taken out. May I ask why? They were all great characters but they got removed. Dr. Mario returned in SSB4 and Mewtwo is coming back for SSB4 as a DLC on spring of 2015. The Adventure Mode is now like an entire campaign from an Xbox 360 game. It is so long I thought the game was hacked! After getting used to SSBM's adventure mode I was confused as hell when I first encountered this. After unlocking every single character I was surprised to see Sonic, Snake (character), and R.O.B. were characters. R.O.B. began as just an accessory for the games Gyromite and Stack Up for the NES. Sonic from the Sonic games was bizarre, and Snake has the wrong weaponry. In the Metal Gear games (at least the old ones) it was a stealth game. But here Snake has Rocket Launchers, Grenades, Landmines, and other explosives.

While playing through the Adventure Mode, I encountered bosses and enemies that is not even from Nintendo games such as Primid, Duon, Tabuu, and Galleom. Umm just who are these?