Hey there, so you wanted to join the L0ST correct? Well here is the page so you know what you will be expecting. Here at the L0ST we are a gaming/social internet group. Our admins here try to make htis an awesome expirence so nothing goes wrong! Below is the requirements on what you need before joining.

There is only two requirements. The following below is what you need in order to join The L0ST.

Someway to communicate to members (ex. Skype, Facebook or others)

Skype is a great way to communicate. Chat rooms aren't the suggested way because we don't use chat often. (on here at least).

A wikia, Skype or Facebook account. This is obvious because you can't communicate with members without an account on either of these sites.

Rules: Please respect all members at all times, flamewars and arguements is not tolerated, and don't vandalize any L0ST property (this site for example). inside the chat; RP is no longer allowed, don't spam, and like I said before, respect all members. If you have any disabilities or disorders (autism is a great example) you will not be allowed due to past experiences.

If you agree to this and make at least one edit here, you are part of the L0ST.