Investigations is a Youtube series that is being hosted by The Armored Werewolf and The Armored Wolf. They hunt myths and legends on camera and try to confirm if they are real or fake. They are only 4 episodes in. Guest stars such as LETHAL 7K and Master Chief (former clan member) make an appearance. These myths and legends they investigate fall into 4 different categories. These include; safe, neutral, hostile, and unknown. Safe: These myths and legends can be investigated up close with no major consequences. Neutral: These myths and legends won't attack you unless you mess with them. Hostile: These myths will attack you upon contact, you may fight back if they strike. Unknown: these myths and legend's behavior is not yet confirmed, by very careful while investigating them. The newest episode is Investigations Episode 5 Return to Tumbleweed (Red Dead Redemption episode) The next episode is 6: The Serial Killer in The Cemetery (GTA IV episode).